What the hell is Granoblastic, anyway?

What the hell is Granoblastic, anyway?

Let me wiki that for you:
“Granoblastic is an adjective describing an anhedral phaneritic equi-granular metamorphic rock texture. Granoblastic texture is typical of quartzite, marble and other non-foliated metamorphic rocks without porphyroblasts. Characteristics defining granoblastic texture include: grains visible to the unaided eye, sutured boundaries and approximately equidimensional grains. The grain boundaries intersect at 120° triple junctions under ideal conditions. Variation from the ideal results from stress produced foliation during crystallization resulting in schistose textures.”

tl;dr: It’s a geology term to describe a texture commonly found in rocks like quartzite, marble, and granite (no shit, right?)

So what does it have to do with you?


Okay, maybe not. I’m not actually a rock. I’m not even a geologist. I got this nick name way back when I was in middle school Earth Science class. Our science teacher had a teaching intern who was really into geology. He was going over the lecture on rock classifications and commented before this one: “I always liked the name of this, I think it sounds kind-of cool: Granoblastic rock.” For whatever reason, I was looking for a superhero name for myself that week, so I jumped up in class and said, “THAT’S IT! THAT’S MY SUPERHERO NAME! I’M GRANOBLASTIC MAN!”

It kinda stuck, and it’s unique enough that I’ve been able to use it pretty consistently when gaming.

Pics plz

Uh, okay. Here are some examples of granoblastic rock I purloined off the internet:

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Oh yeah, and here’s one a friend on a forum drew for me. I think it’s pretty fucking awesome, if I must say so myself (and I must, because I disabled comments on this page):